Do you offer boarding or overnight stay services?

Unfortunately, I don’t! I only provide in-house cat sittings

Do you charge extra for pilling or medicine administration?

No, I don’t! It’s part of the daily routine visit

How will I know if my cat is safe while I am away?

As a pet owner myself, I can totally relate to that and that’s why I will send you daily detail updates along with pictures and/or videos of your cats. I also highly recommend that you install one or two cameras for your own peace of mind and you can view the kitty as well!

How is the security and safety of my cat and house assured?

I can absolutely understand your stress and concern over leaving your cat and house in somebody’s hands. For this reason, I am fully insured and bonded

Do I get to meet with the sitter prior to the sittings?

It is very important that I am a good fit for you and your cat. A free half hour initial consultation will be scheduled so we can meet beforehand and you will have the opportunity to voice all of your concerns and have all of your questions answered

Is it necessary to meet with you before the start of the sittings?

Yes, to ensure proper care of your cat and to make sure that I can provide the necessary care we must meet before the first scheduled visit. It is important that we go over your cat’s routine in order to guarantee the best care

Is there a charge for the initial consultation?

No, there is no charge for the initial consultation but for any additional consultations that you may request (if you get a new kitty or if the kitty has since gone on medication or if the care routine has changed or if you have moved to a new place) will be $25 each

Do I sign a contract to hire you?

Yes, for accountability reasons and good business practice you will be signing a contract. This ensures business transparency and that there are no hidden charges or agendas

What does the sitting/cat visit include?

Feeding, fresh water, litter box cleaning (twice if I am visiting twice a day), medicine administration, if necessary, mail pickup, minimal plant watering, turning lights on and off, curtains opened and closed and lots of petting and cuddles

Will you take care of other animals/pets in the household?

I will take care of fish, birds, small turtles, toads. No reptiles, please!!!

When is payment due?

Payment in full is requested and required before the first scheduled visit

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Zelle and/or Venmo