Byron H., Oakland 9/24/19

Poppy is an excellent sitter. We’ve been using her for over two years and has been nothing short of amazing. Our household has two shy cats. When we were introduced, she took care to make note of all our needs as well as those of our nervous cats. After just a few visits, we were relieved that our cats have become very comfortable with her and enjoy her company when we are away. She does an excellent job communicating before, during and after her visits as well, sending us thorough descriptions of cats’ behaviors for the day as well as photos. Poppy is very friendly and down to earth with her furry customers and owners ūüėÄ — I highly recommend!

Jen Y., San Francisco 8/28/19

Highly recommend Poppy as a cat sitter! She’s responsive and communicates really well with daily updates. When I got back, cats seemed pretty happy (though mad at me for leaving haha). She was comfortable giving the cats pills/ointment but fortunately it turned out they didn’t need meds this time.

Deb J., Oakland 8/24/19

Poppy has been the most amazing cat sitter we’ve ever had (and we’ve had a lot of them over the years). We have four cats (yes, four) and they all are shy and one has a chronic illness.

Poppy was the only cat sitter the cats felt comfortable coming out for from their hiding places. Even more remarkably, the sick cat trusted her so much he not only came out from hiding, but also let her administer his pills. That was a huge victory – it meant we could relax during our vacation knowing his health wasn’t deteriorating while we were away.

She has a gentle spirit and seems to have a strong intuitive sense of how to be in the cats’ presence that then puts them at ease.

As for working with us humans, she is warm and highly professional. She did a thorough consultation and during our vacations sent us photos of the cats with descriptions of their behaviors and activities based on what our concerns were for each cat.

You and your cats will be lucky if you get an opportunity to have Poppy care for them.

Brice M., Berkeley 8/13/19

We contracted with Poppy to care for our 16 year old cat for 2 weeks. It would be difficult to imagine a more empathetic and appropriate human to care for our cat than Poppy! She sent twice daily photo updates (for 2x a day visits), maintained the litter box, fed our cat, including adding medication, and most importantly, gave abundant time for brushing. The photos clearly showed a contented cat. The final test of the success of her attention and care was the response we got upon returning. It was as if we never left.
We unreservedly recommend her services to anyone who needs cat care services in your home that will leave you with no reason to wonder if the cat(s) will be content with your absence. The other reviews are accurate in their praise of the service Poppy provides.

Amelia H., Berkeley 7/15/19

Poppy has taken care of my cat for my past two trips out of town and has done a fantastic job both times.  On the most recent trip, I was away for a month and was really anxious about being away for so long, but Poppy took really great care of my cat and was great about communicating with me about how everything was going.  She also did an amazing job taking care of my numerous indoor/outdoor plants and my fish tank.  And when there was an emergency situation with a flood in my apartment, she got in touch with me/the property manager and made sure it was handled.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Alexandros K., Berkeley 7/12/19

Poppy has been checking in on our cat during our vacations for over two years now, and we could not be more pleased. From the many photographs she sends us, we can tell that the two of them have really bonded. Poppy clearly loves and understands cats very much.

Poppy is attentive to detail, reliable, and communicative. We feel very comfortable leaving her in charge. We can travel knowing that all will be well, and we often find ourselves boasting to our friends that we have discovered the superior pet sitter.

Alexi K., El Cerrito 7/7/19

I needed a cat sitter for a week long vacation. I tried calling a few cat sitters, and Poppy was one of the only ones to reply! Luckily, she was great ūüôā

When she came over to pick up the key, I was put at ease. She was super nice, professional, and seemed like someone I would trust my cat (and house key!) with. She also asked for backup contacts, and to know where to get a backup key. Apparently nothing is left to chance, which I appreciate.

Everything worked out great. While we were out, she even checked our mail for us! Would definitely recommend her if you need ongoing cat services.

Chisako C., Richmond 6/30/19

Poppy is a wonderful cat sitter and we are so lucky to have found her. We had an initial meet and greet with her, going over the layout of the house and all of our cat’s needs from food to toys to favorite hiding spaces. We felt comfortable leaving not only our cat with Poppy, but also our home in her care. She texted us twice daily with thoughtful updates along with pictures and even took care of our mail, garbage and plants! I think our cat even missed her upon our return! Poppy is highly recommended for her professional, friendly, and caring demeanor!

Nancy W., Berkeley 6/28/19

Poppy is great to work with! ¬†She listens to your (and your fur baby’s) needs, takes great care to ask detailed questions, and communicates clearly while you are away. ¬†Poppy established an immediate rapport with our cat when they met and was intuitive about our cat’s emotional state. ¬†I recommend Poppy!

Kim N., Berkeley 6/25/19

Poppy is wonderful! ¬†She has taken incredibly great care of our two shy cats. ¬†She is thorough and sends detailed reports each day letting us know how much they have eaten, litter box activity, and takes pictures of the cats (when they appear!). ¬†In fact, the pictures she has taken are some of the best we have of our cats!! ¬†She keeps everything lovely and clean. ¬†Is thoughtful about taking the garbage out, so that there is no cat packet/can smells! ¬†I just can’t say enough about how great Poppy is with taking care of our cats. ¬†I’m really picky about who takes care of our babies, so believe me this is HIGH praise. ¬†I would recommend Poppy without any reservation at all.

Krutika J., Duluth MN 6/15/19

Poppy is simply amazing, and oh so cheerful!. She took excellent care of our two young cats while my partner and I were travelling. We met once beforehand. She was very attentive to the details and made some excellent recommendations like getting an indoor fan for the cats that really helped them during the sultry SF weather. She sent us many many pictures of the cats two times a day with in-detail updates about their eating and drinking activities as well as outdoor activity time. My partner and I were extremely anxious before meeting Poppy and she completely put us at ease. No wonder my cats adapted to her instantaneously. She played with them and they with her. My cats ate so well too (they don’t when they’re uncomfortable). She also ensured that their space was super clean (things like placing the dust pan in the bathroom were excellent touches). I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for reliable cat sitting service. We trust her and will definitely be calling her again.

Mia G., Berkeley 6/12/19

Poppy did an excellent job with our two cats. From the first time she came to visit to get the keys, they took right to her. It’s great to have a sitter who is clearly a cat lover. After our 10 day vacation, we came back and the apartment looked great – the cats didn’t destroy everything out of boredom and they were happy and affectionate right away. Poppy also takes great, hilarious pictures! We will definitely rely on Poppy in the future!

Erin B., El Cerrito 5/31/19

Poppy has watched our sometimes-anxious kitty when we’ve been away from a few days up to a week or so over the past few years, including a trip last weekend. Our kitty is a rescue and is often very cautious and nervous around strangers but she was immediately comfortable with Poppy. Poppy does an excellent job of taking care of all the necessities (ie, food, water, litter box, mail) while also spending quality time with our cat. She is a highly responsible, meticulous and thoughtful sitter, as evidenced by her careful note-taking (we’ve had two consultations with her as we’ve moved once over the past few years), attention to detail and the thorough notes we receive each day while we’re away. I feel completely confident and comfortable leaving my kitty in Poppy’s hands while traveling and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a cat sitter in this area.

Zoe K., San Francisco 5/29/19

Very reliable, thorough and fantastic with cats! Would highly recommend for anyone who wants to ensure their cat is in good hands and can feel comfortable with someone entering their home.

Mimi S., Berkeley 5/20/19

Poppy did an excellent job with our two cats. From the first time she came to visit to get the keys, they took right to her. It’s great to have a sitter who is clearly a cat lover. After our 10 day vacation, we came back and the apartment looked great – the cats didn’t destroy everything out of boredom and they were happy and affectionate right away. Poppy also takes great, hilarious pictures! We will definitely rely on Poppy in the future!

Kevin B., San Francisco 5/20/19

Poppy is excellent!  She is professional, reliable, thoughtful, and loves cats.  She likes to be prepared to do a great job, and asks very good questions. Her reports of her visits are prompt and detailed, with many cute photos. Thanks, Poppy!

D.V., San Francisco 5/20/19

Poppy was a superb cat sitter whom we hope to be fortunate enough to have take care of our two cats again. Not only did she take excellent care of our cats, feeding then and keeping their bowls and litter boxes very clean each day, she was very observant about their behavior and litter box activity, and managed to make friends with our skittish, aloof cats. She was very chill and adaptable and understanding with unexpected issues too. I forgot to fill out the background information, but Poppy took detailed notes during our initial meeting and asked great questions. She graciously put away the baby’s playmat for me, which I accidentally left out in the living room, as the cats would have slept on it and played with the hanging toys. When one of our cats managed to pry open the French doors, which are old and don’t lock properly with the rain, Poppy let us know right away, opened up the cat door, and updated us on cat sightings. The cats actually returned to visit Poppy when she was there. She also confirmed what we suspected: that the cats were going to the bathroom outside. Once they had access, litter box activity declined. All in all, our cats were very happy to have Poppy as their sitter. When we came home, they were in good spirits.

Kari S., Berkeley 5/14/19

Poppy is my favorite out of all the cat sitters around the East Bay. She sends written updates and several pictures each visit, which assures me that my cats are well taken care of. Poppy communicates well and is easy to organize visits with. I highly recommend her as a cat sitter; I trust her to take good care of my cats and my home. She is my first choice for cat sitting whenever I travel.

Lisa N., Berkeley 5/13/19

This was our first cat sitter experience and Poppy was wonderful.  Our elderly kitty became ill a few days before a planned work trip out of town.  He required two types of antibiotics and special food prep.  We felt this was too much responsibility to burden our neighbors who usually feed our cat.   Poppy agreed to meet us only two days before our trip.  I immediately liked her warm and bubbly personality.  She asked many questions and was confident in her ability to administer medications.  We were updated daily with notes and pictures from home.  We are grateful to Poppy and will hire her again.

Jennifer S., Oakland 5/3/19

Poppy is the best. She recently took care of our 18-year old cat while we were on vacation and did a great job. Plus, we received an update text with photos each day that we were gone. Poppy is competent and trustworthy, and it was such a relief to know that someone reliable and loving was taking care of our cat and home during our trip.

Todd S., El Cerrito 4/22/19

Our long-time cat sitter (a friend) moved into a new job recently and for the first time we were in search of a stranger (gasp!) to take care of our cats.

I searched on our neighborhood Nextdoor site, and quickly found Poppy reviewed favorably by a few people in our area.

I arranged to meet Poppy, and she sent over some materials in advance including questions about our cats, and the contract.

Poppy showed up promptly at our arranged meeting time, with clipboard in hand.

I was very comfortable with her from the start, and even more so as each day she texted us multiple pictures of our furry children during her visits.

Highly recommend Poppy, we’ve already booked her for our next trip.


Christie P., Berkeley 4/11/19

The first thing I noticed about Poppy is how organized she is! This completely put us at ease for the first cat-sitting with her. We were happy with the daily updates and photos that she sent us to show the cats being cared for. Not only was she a great sitter for our cats, but we came back to the floor being swept of litter (those 2 can make a huge mess)! Such a relief. I highly recommend Poppy to watch your cats.

Nicola F., Berkeley 4/10/19

Poopy is excellent! She was able to help us out in a time crunch and took such good care of our kitty who was on twice daily medications. She made us feel so much more at ease with having to leave our kitty, especially with her medicine needs. We got photos and a check in twice per day, and everything went so smoothly. I would highly recommend her for anyone!

Danielle S., San Francisco 4/7/19

As two East-Coast transplants living in California, we travel quite frequently and feel so lucky to have found Poppy! She’s cared for our two Maine Coon cats on several occasions, and we truly can’t imagine using another sitter. She’s professional, thorough, and incredibly kind; even offering to check in on our kitties at off hours over the holidays when we were in a complete bind and she was already overbooked. What’s more, one of our cats is extremely skittish, yet Poppy was able to make her feel comfortable on her very first visit, as evidenced by the countless photos we received of our girl playing with a laser pointer and getting a good brush down. We really can’t recommend Poppy enough, though it is very tempting to keep her our little secret ūüėČ

Emily K., Alameda 3/17/19

Poppy is incredible! This was our first time having someone catsit for us in Berkeley. Poppy was sent to us through The Comforted Kitty. She proposed a few times for a meet and greet before we left, and she was on time and asked all the right questions to get to know our kitty cat and what the care needs were. She spent half an hour each day with Gizmo (6 year old male Siberian) while we were gone and sent photos along with a detailed report of what the goings-on were each day. She was able to coax Gizmo out each day without too much trouble and even brought some toys with her so he could get some good play time in. So glad our guy was in great hands with Poppy while we were away!

Abbie P., El Cerrito 2/20/19

Poppy took care of our cat Ripley while we were out of town for President’s Day weekend. She came by our house for the initial consultation and learned where all of Ripley’s things were and about his little cat habits. She asked smart questions about his care, and reassured us about any concerns we had. While we were away, she checked on Ripley and brought toys for him to play with. This was a big benefit for Ripley, because he loves new toys! She sent pictures and updated us about how he was doing, which was a huge comfort. We will definitely hire Poppy again the next time we go away!

R.T., Astoria, Queens NY 2/13/19

My cats love Poppy! She’s definitely a Cat Whisperer. The peace of mind that comes with having someone attentive, thorough, and reliable when you’re away from home is invaluable. Coming home to happy, well-cared-for kitties is a true gift.

Bradley C., Richmond 1/26/19

Poppy took wonderful care of our two cats while me and my wife we’re traveling abroad. She asked all the right questions beforehand, and even more(yet important) questions I wouldn’t have thought of to ensure they get the best care they need while we were gone. Not only did she take care of our cats but looked over our house as well. This also happened to be the one time our alarm system decided not to work(don’t use ADT), Poppy was very communicative and helpful to try and get it back up.

To have a peace of mind while not being at home for an extended period of time means that Poppy did a great job. I’m definitely reaching out to her again should we need her services!

Jessica K., Berkeley 1/19/19

Poppy has taken care of my cat Toni for several years now. Poppy is one of the few people in the world that I trust with my Toni because she is quite old and has several health issues.  Poppy is always so attentive and helpful.  She sends me updates and photos of my beloved cat when I am away.  Toni is on several medications and Poppy is able to give her pills.  Poppy is very professional and checks with me every time she comes to take care of her to make sure nothing has changed about the routine.  She will take in package/mail or water plants if needed.

Every time I come home Toni seems so happy and well-loved.  It gives me a lot of comfort to be able to travel and know that my cat will have a caring and loving guardian.  I would highly recommend Poppy to anyone who needs a cat sitter.

Anne H., Berkeley 1/19/19

Poppy is wonderful! On short notice she took care of my 3 kitties, two of whom have complicated medication regimens, without missing a beat. She was knowledgeable about pills and shots and even my automatic litter box! Best of all, she was gentle and loving with the cats, coaxing even the shy grumpy one to make friends. I couldn’t recommend her more!

Sara P., San Francisco 1/17/19

Poppy has taken care of my two kitties for a while now, and I couldn’t be happier with her service. I have a super shy cat who normally never comes when strangers are around, but Poppy got her to come out and play by the second visit! Poppy is very good about sending updates regarding her visits, including cute cat pics! Highly recommend!

Catherine F., Berkeley 1/16/19

Poppy is simply wonderful and I can’t recommend her enough! She is genuine, caring, thorough, and responsive.

My boys can get very needy and anxious when I’m away and Poppy goes above and beyond to ensure their well being and peace of mind. Whether it’s playtime, snuggles, or just some loving pets, Poppy provides what is needed to keep them comfortable and their anxiety at bay. She is completely tuned in to their demeanor and attentive to each of my kitties different personalities.

We love Poppy and are so grateful to have her care for our family!

Nicole G., Albany 1/14/19

Poppy is my go-to cat sitter whenever I go out of town. ¬†She does an awesome job! ¬†My two indoor only kitties Phoenix and Luna are a little difficult because both refuse to actually come out to see Poppy – they’re extremely fearful of all strangers – even someone as calm and gentle as Poppy. ¬†Regardless, she always stays the full slotted 30 minutes. ¬†She is extremely neat in the kitchen when feeding. ¬†She also keeps the litter box well tended and immediately texts me a full report to let me know that they’re still eating, using their litter boxes etc. ¬†She is also very careful with the house security system and monitors the house for packages, deliveries etc. ¬†Her rates are very reasonable and I always have the utmost peace of mind knowing my furbabies are well cared for in my absence.

Raphael V., SF 1/7/19

We highly recommend Poppy! She watched our cat for one week during the Christmas holidays. She was highly communicative, professional, and can definitely handle more “difficult” cat (like ours!).

Emma C., Berkeley 12/26/18

Poppy is a wonderful cat sitter and an absolute pro at what she does! My boyfriend and I recently hired her to take care of our two cats while we traveled to visit family for a week. One of our cats has special care needs, and Poppy was extremely accommodating and made sure to carefully follow his routine. In fact, we have never seen him bond with anyone more quickly than he bonded with Poppy! Poppy also sent us daily email updates with many adorable pictures of the cats that really captured their personalities and set our minds at ease that they were doing well. She also took great care of our house, bringing our mail in every day and notifying us when we got a package. We would absolutely recommend Poppy for cat sitting to any cat parent and look forward to having her care for our kitties again next time we go on vacation!

J.G., Berkeley 12/18/18

Poppy is truly a fantastic cat sitter. She isn’t just fluent in cat, but extremely caring, detail-oriented, accountable, flexible, and kind. Poppy provided peace of mind (and lots of pix and updates!) for me when I had to go out of town and leave a sick cat — that is truly priceless. I highly recommend her for cat sitting. Having sampled many sitters, she is the best by far!

Kevin Z., Berkeley 11/30/18

Highly recommended! Poppy gives detailed updates with lots of photos, and she really took the time to get to know my cat (who is shy but very sweet once she gets to now someone). Poppy was wonderful to work with both times she sat for me and I know my cat is in good hands with her.

B.L., El Cerrito 11/28/18

Poppy provides wonderful pet care. She has taken care of our cat several times when we’ve been out of town. She is professional, responsible, competent, and really seems to care about our cat and has gotten to know him. He can be shy, but he’s really warmed up to Poppy. We highly recommend her as a pet sitter.

Kat D., Berkeley 10/13/18

Poppy sweetly attends to my cat when I’m away, making sure to play with my kitty, scoop and sweep around her litter box, and offer her a human touch. Best of all, you can request to receive picture updates when your cat sitter visits! I love that Poppy sends a dozen adorable pictures of my cat after each visit!

Erin M., Berkeley 10/7/18

What a wonderful and professional cat sitter.

My husband and I do not have children and we consider our beloved cat, Connor, to be our only child. ¬†Sometimes, I think I try and hold back my outward affection for him around other people so that I don’t get labelled, “that crazy cat person” but upon meeting Poppy for our first consultation, I knew that she just “got it” and truly cares for the cats that she visits.

Poppy sends us plenty of updates with photos.  She is more than happy to accommodate our preferences between sending us texts to email.

Even with unexpected requests, I found that Poppy was very responsive and more than willing to help. One time, I was expecting a package, the day before it should have arrived, UPS requested that I fill out a form, print and sign it and stick it on the front door. Being away, I had asked Poppy to please print the signed form and tape it to the door. She was more than willing to accommodate my extra request. It was such a relief and I appreciated her update letting me know that I had successfully received the package. I was immensely grateful!

We’ve had her come to visit more than a few times now and I am confidently assured that the house is well taken care of and that Connor has a true friend to come visit and play with. When we come back home, everything is in order and Connor looks happy and well fed. ūüôā

Thank you so much Poppy!

Nicole T., San Francisco 10/2/18

I can’t recommend Poppy enough — she is by far the best cat sitter my Sherman and I have ever had.
She has taken care of my very affectionate and socially needy “big boy” cat for almost a couple of years now, for trips ranging from a long weekend to several weeks.
She quite obviously cares a lot about kitties, knows how to care well for them, and always goes above and beyond. I never worry about him when he is in her care. She always sends lots of pictures and detailed notes about how he is doing, including sharing observations that show she’s paying attention to his disposition and would be likely to notice if anything was wrong (e.g. he didn’t eat much of his food today, will check tomorrow how he’s doing; had a small puke, will see if it happens again; wasn’t a playful one day, but maybe just tired; etc.)
I can tell when he hasn’t had enough attention from a cat sitter, because when I arrive home, he is extra anxious, needy, and vocal. With Poppy, though, he is always peaceful and happy when I arrive home again, and all in the apartment is well. It’s an incredible relief to be able to trust someone so much with your pet! On one of my last trips, for several days after I returned home, Sherman even waited by the door around the time Poppy had been coming, expecting (hoping?) to see her again. ūüôā
You and your kitties are very lucky if Poppy takes care of your pets while you are away.

Elaine Y., San Francisco 9/23/18

We’ve requested Poppy for her cat sitting services for several trips for the past year, ranging from short weekend trips to longer international trips, and she has been great. ¬†We did an initial interview where she asked very thorough questions about our cat’s needs that put my mind at ease.

Poppy sends thorough daily updates with photos (or as little as you want, that is your preference) to make sure we know he is eating well, exhibiting normal behavior, etc.  Now our cat remembers Poppy and he greets her at the door for her visits!

I’m glad we found Poppy and we would not hesitate to recommend her services.

Jean D., Berkeley 9/14/18

Poppy is a warm, comforting and highly responsible cat sitter. We were so fortunate to have found her. She shows genuine concern when she notices even minor behavioral changes with our cats. She has cared for our cats twice. The second time was very difficult because our oldest cat got very ill. I know it was hard on Poppy but she never complained even though she spent a lot of time caring for her. I highly recommend her!

Sara G., Berkeley 9/9/18

We’ve used Poppy multiple times — so thankful for her care! As others have stated, she diligently takes notes during the initial meeting and sends several updates of your kitty cat while you’re away. It’s always so sweet to see the updates and know that our cats are in the hands of a caring, animal-loving professional! Our cats love people, but I can only imagine more withdrawn kitties would be eventually wooed out of hiding with Poppy’s presence.

Linda E., San Francisco 9/4/18

Poppy Johal took excellent care of our two cats while we were out of town last week. She came once a day to feed them, play with them and administer a daily oral liquid medication to the older cat. She figured out how to get the medication into the older guy quickly and he really bonded with her. And she also took the time and effort to slowly gain the trust of the younger skittish-with-strangers guy over the week until she had him playing and sniffing her hand (he always starts out staying under a bed until he feels safe). Poppy sent great pictures and comments each day – we really felt like she loves cats and enjoys the different personalities of her “clients.” We will certainly try to hire her again the next time we take a trip.

John L., El Cerrito 9/2/18

We have now used Poppy twice and we couldn’t me more pleased. ¬†From the initial interview, through each visit, she has exceeded our expectations on every level. ¬†She consistently goes above and beyond in providing excellent care for our cats. ¬†During her latest visit, she found that there were ants in the kitchen where the kids food is out. ¬†She brought over pet friendly ant spray, cleaned in the kitchen and bought bowls to put the cat’s food dishes in. ¬†She even came over on a day she wasn’t scheduled to be here to check on the ants and continue to help get rid of them. ¬†She also watered our veggies on each of her visits.

We cannot recommend Poppy enough.  Our cats love her and we have the utmost trust that they will be taken care of.

Jenna F., Berkeley 8/20/18

Poppy catsit our two cats and kitten for 5 days and did a great job!! Before she started, she always replied to our emails and text messages promptly, and she took tons of notes during the complimentary consultation to meet the cats and see what their needs were. Her rates are very reasonable, we did five 30min visits.

While we were gone, Poppy texted us 5-8 pictures of our cats every day, and told us how their moods were and what they enjoyed during her visit, which helped put our minds at ease. She also applied eye ointment to one of our cats daily because he got an eye infection before we left.

Would highly recommend Poppy as a cat sitter, we’ll be using her again for our next trip!

Kasey C., Berkeley 8/12/18

Poppy has been our go-to sitter for our two cats. She’s great!! I recommend her wholeheartedly. Poppy makes sure our cats have playtime and pets when she comes to visit, and she reports back about how they are doing, asking for feedback when she notices something. Poppy also takes the time to check out our place as well as taking care of our cats. For instance, she noticed we had some dry plants in our backyard and she watered them for us. She is very communicative and sends great pictures of our cats to us.

Rosie C., El Cerrito 8/11/18

Poppy took care of my kitty while I was away for my most recent trip, and it was my best cat sitter experience so far. She was very communicative, and was adaptable to any feeding changes I had to do before her first visit — my cat ended up getting diarrhea from her kibble the day before I was leaving on vacation, and I texted Poppy asking her to leave canned food in her automatic feeder instead, texting her where to find the freezer packs. I always get nervous the first couple days my cat is with a sitter, but I quickly realized Poppy is very trustworthy and sends lots of pictures to give me peace of mind. She made sure to update me on any changes in my kitty’s litter box since I was concerned of her upset stomach. Will be asking Poppy for her service again next trip!

Katie K., Richmond 8/8/18

Poppy is a great cat-care professional! She was excellent about setting up an initial appointment and arrived right on time, and she is very communicative.  Even though the main concern is the cats, she pointed out she could take care of mail, newspaper, lights on/off, and plant watering if needed. All of this helps me feel good about leaving my kitties in her care!

I’ve had poppy do cat care for two trips now ¬†and her thoughtful texts with pictures let me know that she is paying attention to each one individually every day.

I would definitely recommend Poppy for your next trip!

Karen B., Berkeley 8/5/18

What is different about Poppy is that she leaves the house in great shape and my cat is very very happy when I get home. ¬†Other times I am gone my kitty is very anxious when I arrive back from my travels. ¬†When I use Poppy for sitting, my cat is a happy relaxed cat upon my return. ¬†This tells me that she feels cared for while I am gone and this makes all the difference!! ¬†I also love getting daily photo updates, keeping me in the loop about my kitty’s daily experiences.

Josh K., Berkeley 7/31/18

I have trusted Poppy to watch my kitty several times now. She was very professional in the initial consultation. She does an excellent job with my cat, and has watched her for weeks at a time. Poppy always checks in via text message and sends me lots of pictures daily (5-6 or more!), usually with my cat on her lap or getting some affection or treats. ūüôā I would recommend Poppy for anyone in the East Bay looking for a trustworthy, reliable, and communicative cat sitter!

S.W., El Cerrito 7/30/18

Poppy has been our cat sitter since our little guy was a kitten, and we are so glad we found her! ¬†She is a true professional – very responsive and is really intuitive with our kitty’s moods and needs. ¬†Our little guy just loves his playtime and cuddle time with her! ¬† And we love getting the daily updates and pictures. ¬†With Poppy, we have the peace of mind knowing our kitty is doing well at home during our travel, and it’s also great to come home to a happy, healthy, and well cared for cat.

Poppy is our go-to sitter whenever needed, and we highly recommend her to anyone looking for a trustworthy and dependable sitter for their kitties!

Mos C., San Francisco 6/27/18

Excellent cat sitter.
Does more than you ask.
Will use her in all future travels.

Anne E., Berkeley 6/23/18

I knew from our initial meet and greet that I liked and trusted Poppy. She is professional, calm, kind, a delightful person. I was nervous about leaving my somewhat new rescue kitty James Taylor, but he fell in love with Poppy, which was evident in the daily photos and updates. Beautiful photos I must add. I was relaxed and worry-free the whole time away. James was downright serene when we got home. It was obvious that he’d had a happy, trauma free week. Everything was neat and tidy, all the right lights were on, all was as it should be. Poppy goes above and beyond just kitty sitting. She also puts my bird feeders out in the morning, in at night, and refreshes the bird bath daily. She’s great and I give her my highest recommendation.

Olivia G., Berkeley 6/10/18

Poppy has been looking after my cat for the last year; she is kind, reliable, respectful, and responsible.  It is reassuring to know my cat is in the best hands while I am away.  The daily check-ins and photos I receive are great, and it is so nice to see that my cat is relaxed, having fun, and enjoying her playtime!  I know how challenging it can be to find someone you trust that also takes care of your cat in the same way that you would РPoppy is this person, and I feel very fortunate to have found her!!  Highly recommend!!

Laura M., Richmond 4/26/18

We and our cats are happy when Poppy visits.  She has built a good rapport and trust with our cats and with us.
She takes care that the cats maintain their routine and gives them each special attention with play, feeding and affection.
Poppy’s texts and photos are a much anticipated part of our time away from home, and give us peace of mind to enjoy our travels.

H.R., Berkeley 4/15/18

Poppy has been watching my cats for a few years now and I can’t recommend her enough! Upon our first meeting, she was right on time, super thorough, and all my cats immediately took to her. She asked questions that I hadn’t even thought of and gave me the sense that I was leaving my fur babies in the right hands. She’s certified in pet CPR and is also insured and bonded (if anything happens when while she’s visiting my home, it’s covered by her insurance, which gives me extra peace of mind, just in case). She’s always on top of sending me updates and lots of pictures while I’m away and if anything at all out of the ordinary comes up with any of them, she let’s me know right away.
She’s extremely respectful of my home and it always looks as good as I left it. It took me several cat sitters and a lot of disheartening experiences before I was lucky enough to find Poppy. Again, I super recommend her and I know I won’t bother using anyone else again.
We would certainly have Poppy return to visit our family again.

Diane C. 9/22/17

I received daily photos and updates about my cats when they were away. Poppy, the cat sitter, is such a gentle and lovely lady that my shy calico cat was willing to come out from the room to greet her and let her pad during her visit!

Thank you for giving us such peace of mind when away from home. We will definitely continue using the service when we are traveling.